Do you need a special vacuum cleaner for a high piled carpet?

When it comes to vacuums, one size does not fit all.  It’s important to note that your current vacuum may not work well on your fabulous new soft carpet.  Over the past several years, vacuum manufacturers have focused on creating extremely high suction vacuums.  Most high suction vacuums do not perform well on Godfrey Hirst's Eco+ softest offerings.

Godfrey Hirst Eco+ Carpets


Manufactured using Triexta fibre, Godfrey Hirst eco+ "Soft to Touch" carpets offer new levels of stain, soil, wear protection while being colourfast with a full pet guarantee, plus luxurious softness that your toes will adore. 
Godfrey Hirst eco+ "Soft to Touch" carpets are inherently soft thanks to their unique kinked molecular structure of the fibre and the low DPF (Decitex Per Filament), high crimped filament. A low DPF means that the filaments in eco+ are made thinner for a softer yet stronger yarn.  The ‘spring like’, kinked shape ultimately makes the carpet fibre invitingly soft to touch.
Proper care and maintenance of your new soft carpets is a must.


So, which SEBO vacuum is recommended?

Godfrey Hirst recommends using a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable rotating brush roller height for their carpets, as their carpets require special maintenance. 

The SEBO X4 upright vacuum cleaner is recommended as it has automatic brush height adjustment, allowing it to identify the floor type and change the height of the carpet nap, raising or lowering the brush automatically for optimum cleaning. Using the X4 on your new, soft Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet will ensure that they stay beautiful longer, while providing essential carpet care.


With the all day accessories and the 12 meter long cable, the X4 will make your everyday cleaning that much easier, all the while protecting and maintaining high quality carpets such as the Cavalier Bremworth Inscape carpet range.  Buy yours today via our online store!

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