S-Class Filtration

The air is clean.

Not only do our vacuum cleaners clean the floor but they also enhance the air. Dust seems to be more prevalent nowadays and a lot more people are starting to suffer from allergic reactions. SEBO vacuums possess a 3-step filtration system consisting of a multi layer filter bag (A), a micro-hygiene filter (B) and an exhaust filter (C). They achieve demonstrable excellent filter results.

This is why, with a few exceptions, all SEBO machines carry the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval making a SEBO the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies.

S-class filtration.

Only high-quality filter material is used in combination with an excellent sealed vacuum cleaner casing achieve the requirements of SEBO S-class filtration. To meet the S-CLASS standard the filtration system has to remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles of 0.3 microns. The SEBO S-CLASS system will remove 100% of particles of 1 micron and above. Dust mite faeces are approx. 10 microns.
This method ensures that the fine dust particles stay in the closed vacuum cleaner system. All SEBO domestic vacuums have S-class filtration.
Every SEBO bag has a convenient hygiene lid to seal the bag after it is full - no dust will escape.

For increased asthma and allergy protection your SEBO will not operate unless the filter and bag are in place.

Electret filter material.

Other than usual filtration systems, the SEBO filtration takes place by using the principle of electrostatics.

Several charged micro fibres block the opposite charged particles. This allows a relative open structure that favours the air stream and at the same time lowers the chance of plugging. The result is a much smoother and long-lasting filtration.


Why Bags Are Best


A vacuum cleaner is designed to keep your home clean. It does this by removing the unpleasant and unsightly “debris” that builds up over time. A good vacuum cleaner will remove more of this debris than others and a very good one will ensure that this debris will not get back into the home either by being blown out through the filters or released when it is emptied. The SEBO filter bag system not only enhances filtration, but it also allows you to hygienically dispose of collected debris.

Think of your kitchen bin: undoubtedly you use a bin liner. This is for the very good reason that without the convenience of a bin bag, emptying it would be very messy. You would have to frequently clean it - which would be an unpleasant and time consuming task.

Dust becomes airborne very easily and will almost certainly contain hazardous material such as dust mite faeces and bacteria. With a SEBO sealable high filtration bag, dust isn’t a problem: It is safely retained within the filter bag and can cleanly and easily be disposed of in the bin, inside or outside. The filter bag housing of a SEBO remains free of dust and does not require cleaning. For allergy sufferers the filter bag protects you from the risk of exposure to dust.

Contrast this with a bagless vacuum cleaner: The dust container and its internals can rapidly build up with dust and require cleaning. The filters can require monthly cleaning. Because of the high probability of dust becoming airborne many people empty them outside, or empty them into a bag first. With SEBO you have a purpose designed bag which the vacuum cleaner fills for you.